These Brows Mean Business

In this latest blog post Ruth discusses caring for your eyebrows – one of No.6’s most popular beauty treatments.

People often under estimate the power of a well-defined brow but a simple treatment can instantly frame, lift and define your face.

Eyebrows should be treated like sisters, not twins. They will never be identical to each other, but you should definitely be able to tell that they are ‘related’. Achieving the ideal brow shape for your face can take a little time, depending on how full your natural brows are, as well as the colour of your brow hair.

If you book in for an eyebrow re-shaping appointment, you need to have at least 4 weeks worth of growth. This is so that your therapist can get the best shape possible for your face. I like to first explain to the client how I feel the brow should be groomed, showing them in a mirror and taking in to consideration how the client likes their brows to look too. Once happy with the proposed re-shaping I start with the waxing – here at No.6 we use Lycon Wax (which is virtually pain-free).

If you feel your brow growth is quite sparce and you would like to have a fuller brow, I would highly recommend Revitabrow; an advanced brow-growth serum which protects against hair breakage, conditions and combats the effects of over styling the brows.

I also recommend having an eyebrow tint before having any shaping treatment. The tint adds depth to the brow hairs and picks up any lighter coloured ‘baby hairs’, as well as covering any greys. This instantly makes any eyebrow look fuller, lifts the eyes and makes them appear more youthful.

Having both the eyebrow tint and shape is an increasingly popular treatment for clients of all ages and is commonly accompanied by a lash tint too. The treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes, and can last up to 6 weeks so it’s the perfect quick pick-me-up.

*A patch test for any tinting treatment is required at least 24 hours before any treatment.

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