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Summer is in full swing!

Dare I say it?! Summer is here, loud and very clear! Hoorah! After what seems like a decade of grey skies and cold weather we’ve all welcomed with wide arms that yellow shining ball in the sky. Whilst this is obviously amazing news for our spirits and vitamin D intake, it does however mean we need to be on top form with our skin.

Here are No.6 Clinic’s top tips for how best to look after our skin this summer.

1)      Wear SPF all the time!

(Tip 1 taken from CancerResearchUK.org)

“The sun protection factor (SPF) shows how much protection the sunscreen gives against UVB radiation – as long as you apply a decent amount. Anything above Factor 15 will filter out 93% of the sun’s harmful rays. The highest protection you can get is factor 60, which filters out 98% of the sun’s rays. Most people put sunscreen on far too thinly and this means that they don’t get as much protection as they should from it. It is important you put on sunscreen generously and regularly.

You also need to use a sunscreen with good UVA protection. Sunscreens in the UK may have a star rating of up to 5 stars. The higher the star rating, the better. Some sunscreens may have a symbol of a circle with the letters UVA inside. This is a European mark and shows the sunscreen has good UVA protection.” Continue reading