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Meet the newest member of our No.6 team, Ali Chenery

Meet the newest member of our No.6 team, Ali Chenery

Our latest recruit, Senior Aesthetican and Beauty Therapist, Ali, qualified in Level 3 beauty over 8 years ago.  Since then she has worked in luxury spas, and well known salons, in and around Kent before coming to No.6 earlier this year. She has many years’ experience in beauty treatments, facials and has previously worked alongside Environ and Jane Iredale products.

When meeting Ali it is clear that her passions lie in skincare and beauty. She continuously strives to increase her knowledge and is currently studying Level 4 at Hastings College on a Monday and Tuesday. As part of the qualification, Ali is learning all about skin rejuvenation and IPL hair removal, two of No.6’s most popular treatments. In time she will be offering appointments at No.6 Clinic, alongside Nurse Hayley.

60 seconds with Ali!

How long have you worked at No.6 for? I started at the beginning of the year.
What do you enjoy most about working at No.6? I enjoy the variety of delivering different treatments and meeting clients. I love seeing my client’s enjoy the results driven treatments and seeing instant results with some of them. Nice to see clients come back and their skin improve over time.
What is your favourite treatment? I like having a back massage and enjoy treating my skin to a facial.
What is your favourite beauty product? I have been on Environ’s AVST for many years now and speak highly of the whole range. I use the Jane Iredale Makeup, it is an amazing product to use especially after the facials at No.6! I am enjoying learning more about Dermaquest products.
What is your no.1 beauty tip/skincare tip?–Pretty obvious but always wear an spf even during the winter, it is so important and can save your skin from damage.

Ali is available for bookings Wednesday to Saturday and offers two late evenings for appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The importance of a good skincare regime, our No.6 golden rules….

The importance of a good skincare regime, our No.6 golden rules….
1 – Cleanse
2 – Serum
3 – Eye cream
4 – Moisturiser
5 – SPF (am)
It is always healthy to rotate products, as skin improves or has different requirements, adapt to suit its needs.

Dermaquest products on shelf

Here at No.6 our friendly team can advise the best regime for you skin.
We stock active ingredients which work at a deeper level and mean you get results! The concentration of the ingredients means you need 50% less than what you would from high street beauty products – longer lasting products, even better value for money!
Due to the success of our #discoverskin sessions we’re making them permanent!
These sessions are great for new and existing clients to have 3/4 times a year to enhance results:

30 min session
Includes skin scanning & analysis
15 min mini facial
Mineral makeup colour match
Free samples

Bookable from Monday! Call 01892 506930 from tomorrow from 9.30-2.00

#FacialWeek Our Aestheticians share their skincare top tips!

CarlyToday we feature Carly’s top tips. Carly works every Monday at the No.6 Clinic and looks forward to welcoming you soon.

** Keeping your skin hydrated both internally and externally with drinking plenty of water and applying Dermaquest B5 serum which is a thirst quencher for the skin and helps retain moisture in the skin great for plumping fine lines and wrinkles!

** Protecting our skin throughout the year not just in the summer with a good quality SPF that contains zinc oxide which will safe guard and protect our skin from harmful UV and anti oxidants to scavenge free radicals which cause out skin to age!

** Using a Glycolic cleanser in the evenings will ensure a deep cleanse unblock pores and to increase cell turnover getting the best from our skin and increasing absorption for all of our other products that we use on the skin. Use a vitamin A product known as retinol on your skin, it can help in many different ways to improve your skin health.

** Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin A actually increases the deposition of collagen; therefore it slows the normal ageing breakdown of your collagen and elastin.
*** Always use a primer under your makeup to get the best application and a flawless finish!

** Try to have a course of peels throughout the year in combination with the Omnilux light treatment, our powerfacial, for a fresh looking, rejuvenated appearance to the skin!

Find out more about Carly and the team at www.no6clinic.co.uk

No.6, 10 Years In Business As A Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic

Aesthetics and advanced skincare No6 ClinicSome cosmetic procedures do not involve surgery, but this does not mean they’re without risk! Cosmetic injectable treatments should only be carried out by an appropriately trained Doctor, or registered Aesthetic Nurse in a clinical environment. The General Medical Council rule that Doctors must initially meet patients face-to-face before prescribing anti-ageing injectables to make sure they fully understand their medical history and reasons for wanting the treatment. After the initial treatment, registered Aesthetic Nurses can then administer the following but the Doctor always needs to prescribe. Others offering injections do not have the necessary skills, training, qualifications or understanding of your facial structure.
With a growing demand for injectables treatments, it has been worrying for No.6’s Doctor Gilani, and Aesthetic Nurse Samantha, to have seen the media uncover people purporting to be registered professionals carrying out non-surgical treatments. As a result, there is a growing demand for clear legislation to protect patients and underpin the work of reputable cosmetic medical professionals. Continue reading

New Year Beauty Resolutions

Don’t go another year with making and breaking a New Year resolution, why not make a promise to yourself that is easy to keep (and our Team will help you along the way!). This year, invest in your skin’s health and begin a routine that will help you for all your New Years to come.

We often don’t think about the impact our skincare regime has on our confidence and overall health, but even the smallest of changes can significantly change the way we feel about ourselves. Here are three small resolutions which will make a large difference to your skin’s health and, in turn, your well-being!

Resolution 1) Seek Advice

Did you know No.6 Clinic is 10years old this year?! Our Doctors, Nurses, Aestheticans and Beauty Therapists have a wealth of experience and knowledge enabling them to give honest advice to each client that comes through our doors. We offer free skincare consultations to all new clients and give reviews regularly to all our loyal clients. We all practice what we preach by using, and absolutely adoring, the product ranges and treatments on offer, because we see our clients getting results we simply cannot resist! Second guessing your own skincare needs is near enough impossible (you wouldn’t cut your own hair now would you?),  and the brands we offer are cosmecutical, meaning that they are only available in authorized and official stockists, sold by trained professionals. Seek advice, by popping into the No.6 Shop or by booking a consultation at the Clinic because the more you understand about your needs, the easier skincare will become. Continue reading

Summer is in full swing!

Dare I say it?! Summer is here, loud and very clear! Hoorah! After what seems like a decade of grey skies and cold weather we’ve all welcomed with wide arms that yellow shining ball in the sky. Whilst this is obviously amazing news for our spirits and vitamin D intake, it does however mean we need to be on top form with our skin.

Here are No.6 Clinic’s top tips for how best to look after our skin this summer.

1)      Wear SPF all the time!

(Tip 1 taken from CancerResearchUK.org)

“The sun protection factor (SPF) shows how much protection the sunscreen gives against UVB radiation – as long as you apply a decent amount. Anything above Factor 15 will filter out 93% of the sun’s harmful rays. The highest protection you can get is factor 60, which filters out 98% of the sun’s rays. Most people put sunscreen on far too thinly and this means that they don’t get as much protection as they should from it. It is important you put on sunscreen generously and regularly.

You also need to use a sunscreen with good UVA protection. Sunscreens in the UK may have a star rating of up to 5 stars. The higher the star rating, the better. Some sunscreens may have a symbol of a circle with the letters UVA inside. This is a European mark and shows the sunscreen has good UVA protection.” Continue reading