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Waxing Treatments

Now available at No.6 with Ali & Carly our senior therapists offer a full range of waxing treatments. Please call 01892 240120 or pop into the No.6 Shop to book.

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Waxing is just one of our many specialties. Our therapists have a minimum of 2 years experience in using both the LYCON waxing system and ‘Hot Wax’ for sensitive areas. Virtually painfree, Lycon gives superb results for ladies and gents. If you are a regular with waxing, you should be aware of the following important preparations, to ensure a smooth and perfect finish. After-care is also a must. We advise all clients to follow the basic waxing guidelines.

Before waxing

We suggest that hair is ideally 1cm long to achieve best results. Wear loose underwear for intimate waxing and loose clothing for all other areas. Approximately 4 treatments will ensure your hair growth runs to its natural cycle and will in turn provide optimum waxing results. Always exfoliate prior to a wax – this will lift / remove any in-growing.

After care

Keep the area clean and dry, wear loose, clothing and ensure that there is no heat exposure, swimming or exercise for 24 – 48 hours – no perfumed lotions should be applied to the treated area.

Post waxing

Avoid heat treatments for 24 – 48 hours, including sauna, steam, gym, baths, and sunbeds. Avoid wearing tight clothing and touching the treated area. Exfoliate after one week of your treatment and continue to do so once a week to minimise in-growing hairs. Re-book your next waxing treatment for 4-6 weeks time. This helps your hair cycle to establish its regular pattern. Avoid having a shower 24hrs post treatment and also applying lotions and creams to the area especially perfumed products.

Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Wax removes hair from the intimate areas of the bikini area. As well as the sides and top of the bikini area leaving a strip of hair any size or width at the front.

After your first waxing, the results can last between 3 to 6 weeks depending on your hair re-growth rate. In most cases, re-growth is very minimal during the first two weeks then noticeably increases in the third and fourth week.

Basic & Full Bikini Waxing

A Bikini wax provides longer lasting and smoother results by removing the hair from the root, whereas shaving cuts the hair right below the skin’s surface, causing a prickly feel days after shaving. Bikini waxing is also healthier because it removes lifeless surface cells. In other words, a Bikini wax at No6 will give you the smoothest skin – and the smoothest experience.

Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood wax is where absolutely all hair is removed from on top, underneath and around the back, leaving you 100% bare!

Leg Waxing No6 Tunbridge Wells

Waxing Price List

  • Half leg £30 30mins
  • Full leg £40  45mins
  • Bikini £25 30mins
  • Brazilian/Hollywood HOT WAX £38 30mins
  • Under arm £18 15 mins
  • Lip £10 15 mins
  • Lip and chin £15 15mins
  • Half arm £25 30 mins

Brazilian Wax - Removes hair from underneath you and leaves a small portion of hair on the frontal top area.
Hollywood Wax - All hair is removed

Men's Waxing Prices

  • Half Leg – £35 30 mins
  • Three Quarter Leg – £45 45 mins
  • Full Leg – £55 45 mins
  • Arms– £35 45 mins
  • Under Arms– £15 15 mins
  • Back – £40 30 mins
  • Chest & Abs £30 30mins
  • Shoulders – £25 15 mins
  • Eyebrows £10 15 mins

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